About Us

Maintenance Supply and Fastener Co, Inc. is a locally owned and operated company in Memphis, Tennessee. It's a thirty-six year old company that has kept quality in mind since the beginning.

Maintenance Supply & Fastener Co, Inc. has approximately 15 employees. Most of these employees have been with the company for 20+ years, and have over 30 years experience in the maintenance industry. Maintenance Supply strives to sell American made products and to provide top-notch service to customers throughout the Memphis area.

Maintenance Supply deals with mostly mechanical shops, heavy machinery repair shops, and trailer repair companies. Due to the professional nature of Maintenance Supply's customers, the products offered are a much higher quality than those found at home improvement stores. Offering a wide range of nuts, bolts, drill bits, cutting tools, shop supplies, aerosols, electrical connectors, and much more, Maintenance Supply is the ideal vendor for Memphis maintenance professionals.

Maintenance Supply's service area covers Arkansas, Mississippi, and Tennessee, offering delivery to local businesses and same day shipping for out-of-town customers. The employees at Maintenance Supply understand that the customer is the most important asset, so they strive to build long-term relationships with customers throughout the Memphis area.